Monday, 31 March 2008


Is a time to reflect on new life. Blossom appears, chicks hatch and... new team kit arrives!

I am loving this time of year :) Loads of enthusiasm for the upcoming season mixed with a little slice of apprehension about form (or lack thereof).

Nothing, however, better signals the time of year than a new bike...

After much humming and hahhring I plumped for the Anthem Zero and am well chuffed. Took it out for a spin last night just to get the position dialled and it's basically the same as last years + better finishing kit. Which means it is the fastest bike I've ridden. All I need now is a few rides to get used to riding full-sus again and I'll be motoring (hopefully!).

Paula went for the XTC C Zero and is equally pleased. The new XTR is pimp-tastic and it fits her like a glove.

We also got our new shoes which I could almost describe as glove-like, were it not for the fact they go on my feet. They are the black equivalent of white-sex. However I was disappointed not to find either a tan or Phil Mason size calf muscles in the box :(

Helmets (mmmmmmmm)...

And of course, the new team kit.

Feeling fast? Hopefully. 2 weeks till the first race of the year with a tune up weekend at Coed-y-Brennin all that's left between us and the start gun. Nervous? Moi?

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