Monday, 11 February 2008

The training in spain falls mainly on the plain

It is a pleasure to be away from the stresses of home (at least most of them) and be able to ride-sleep-eat-giggle as much as you want. We´re staying in Denia, on the Coasta Blanca. The mountains are close enough to ride to within 30 mins and the first couple of days riding have been great.

Especially to just chill out with P and spend some time away from the worries of jobs and family.

Of course, it´s not just P and me... Bobby J has made a guest appearance and is doing his best to pop me in the pain cave... while smiling all the time. Bobby is not just pushing me on the hills, he´s also got a cheeky little sprint. More than enough to make the legs sting a little :)

The hotel is 99% full of Saga holidaymakers (60+), so the vibe is peaceful... unless you get in the way in the line up for the buffet... there is no mercy at the salad bar. Surprisingly they also party pretty hard, after the first night we were in bed first and had to ask to be moved after the disco kept us away till midnight. Too much for me.

Of course, the vitals are being looked after, there´s something about about coffee in a mediterrainian country that makes it taste that little bit better.

Being away is just right... it´s nice while you´re away.... and then you enjoy being home again even more.

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