Saturday, 23 February 2008

Testing & Gardening...

Today was testing day... and, during one of the recovery periods, I decided that training is not all that different from gardening (which gives you and insight into how much of my total blood volume was in my legs, and not in my brain!).You spend ages working on something, not really being able to see what's going on under the surface. You worry that pests and diseases will rob you of your final reward, your crop of gold, but you can't peek too soon... dig up those carrots early and they might not be ready. So you sow your seeds, tend them for ages, removing the weeds whatever the weather and even when your motivation wains.

Today was one of my monthly peeks at my crop. It's funny, I'm almost as nervous on testing mornings as I am before races. What isn't funny is the suffering, without competition to take your mind off it, it's much worse than in a race. If you fancy a go the protocol is:

20 min warm up
2 x 15 sec max effort
2 min rest
1 min max effort
5 min rest
5 min max effort
10 min rest
20 min max effort
warm down (& optional puke)

It always seems like a good idea before and after... and never a good idea during any of the efforts.

And the outcome today? Fitter... but not fit enough :) Another month of tending needed...

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