Sunday, 17 February 2008

The return of the mokes... the UK has not been a very happy one. For starters, the day we flew out of Spain the sun came out and baked us in the car to the airport... which is just not cricket. And now I'm back I'm wishing I was still away where there are no worries, no stresses, just rides.

Fortunately, although the Spanish weather was trying to pull a fast one, we were made of sterner stuff and bashed on through the rain. While mere mortals might have stayed on the flats where it was dry, we were there to ride in the mountains... so we did.

However, that's not to say that the claws of rain induced insanity didn't take their hold at times...

Of course, retail therapy is a well known cure for 'rain-in-spain-itis'. I purchased a Euro-Pro string vest type thing... and modelled it in every cafe (under the paper thin excuse of drying off, really I just wanted to look like a local!). Paula isn't looking at the camera because she's looking at the bar full of Spanish men having their morning beer and looking at my tan!

One of the best parts of the camp/holiday was seeing how much Bobby-J has come on in his riding. All too often I had to put on my 1000 yard stare and try and follow his wheel.

Even worse, he's got his own limited edition Pro-kit... Gillette as your main sponsor anyone?!?

Not sure about his pain face though... that needs work..

Finally, 5 weeks till Majorca... just looking for accommodation at the moment. Priorities (in order of importance) 1) Quiet 2) Close to Puerto Pollensa 3) Clean Then, in no particular order, Lots of good food, price, bike friendly. Anyhow, any suggestions??? Until then... here's dreaming :)

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