Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Not part of the plan...

to rain. No... it wasn´t.

But we are made of sterner stuff than that and bashed out 5 hours.

Bobby suffered an unfortunate front wheel flat. In the rain. On his carbon front wheel. On a downhill. In a tubular. And his spare had no glue. Or a valve extender. But we triumphed, and Bobby carried on regardless (expect on the corners, where he was a little ginger (in approach, not hair colour)).

Message ends.

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Warwick said...

Hey Moseley
good to you still are a double hard bastard, riding in the rain.
Was supposed to be racing the Crater Rim Mtb Race today but it got canned due to two days of rain.(50km across the port hills and up and down twice,Tough race probably harder than Karapoti of which i'm doing on the single speed again)
will have to catch up properly near the end of month.