Saturday, 26 January 2008

Thanks to...

Crumpy. When it's the first sunny weekend day in months, you planned to leave at 10 and you're still in the garage messing with your brakes at 11 you know it's time to either a) launch your bike into the garden next door or b) go to the shop and request assistance. Crumpy came to the rescue, his calm and unflappable Ying to my stressed and definitely-very-flapped Yang. 20 mins later there was nothing but smooth stopping power at my fingertips and the P and Mokes express was back on track.

It was worth every mile of the journey to Nant-yr-Arian, the coffee in the cafe is great, and the singletrack just right.

Having left a little late we made the most of what sun was left.

And tried to keep our eyes off the sunset and on the trail.

The aim today was tempo on the climbs and aiming for no braking or pedaling on the singletrack. Working hard to pump the bikes through the whoops was great, smiles all round :)

The carpark was deserted after the second lap and the wind was howling off the Irish Sea, the final shot of the day was taken with freezing fingers - and cheeky grins.

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