Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year Excess...

What a great New Year...

4 good hours on the bike, first 1:30 with the local Sunday grp ride then we peeled off to take in Talgarth and make it up to 4 hrs (NP 227W for those who know). Felt really good, which was positive.

Then a great New Years Eve dinner with a few beers/wines at ours with Bro (Bobs)/Sis (Gill) in Law and Stu-Viv. Cooked the pheasants' Stu shot, nice.

Finally the Hereford New Year's Day 10km. Running is hard work, thanks to Bob's for pacing me round. I now have major muscle soreness :(

Best news of the weekend though... P's first mtb. Fingers crossed for the collarbone!
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