Thursday, 24 January 2008

Foot Traffic...

Every so often Slayer and I catch up for a climb, beer and film. This time however, we decided to take advantage of the break in the rain to get in a spot of night running on the Malvern Hills. I strapped on the Hope LED to my arm and off we went. With enough light to accidently bring down a 'plane seeing the trails was no problem.

Not being blown off the trails was a bit of a problem. It's also quite clear that I am in severe need of a barnet chop (although the wind was something else and didn't help the 80's flick I seem to be working there!). Scissors to the rescue please!

Slayer, on the other hand is looking his normal suave self. Nothing like a life of fighting the oozing evils of our societies criminals to keep you in shape!

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