Sunday, 27 January 2008

The best...

...road ride I've done in years! So many things going for it, great weather (and coming after crap weather for so long), a great route , good riders to hang on to and enough giggles to take away the pain of the steeps.

We were all weight lifting up these, I had 36x23, and it wasn't enough, my moment of real suffering was the first proper climb, 3 mins with an average power of 400W and an average cadence of 40 :(

But at least I don't weigh 15 stone! It didn't seem to hold Kinger back though.... and like the man said as he popped the hammer down again, "Where you see hills, I see opportunities to attack..."

Benny Boy Dale was route master and has been touting this for years. He finally chose the best day possible to do it.

He too was laying down the pain when the road turned upwards, and seemed to be enjoying himself a bit too much as I was hiding in my pain cave.

Dave Perks showed his clear commitment to the scientific principles of sport nutrition with this inspired purchase half way round...

There's a time when only doughnuts will fill the hole. Or chips if you're P...

Final thoughts... as we got organised to finish off the last few miles (see below, poetry in motion I reckon) I was pondering, is it wrong to enjoy global warming so much? How can it be January?????

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